Sauerbraten Renders
These are some of the renders I've been doing:

[Image: oMYJC9F.png]

[Image: EkW8TzZ.png]

[Image: MfmYiAd.png]

[Image: WiTikbu.png]

[Image: XY8Txyj.png]

[Image: lAy0dOG.png]

[Image: jVrbV09.png]

[Image: s6v42iz.png]

[Image: XbIRwX0.png]

[Image: F4pU7pQ.png]

Several of them are old (and ugly :'v) but i hope you have enjoyed. :]

Check the imgur album
Nice !

I think that you can keep this idea and doing it again with some of our maps later ! Happywide
These are awesome! Happywide
Nice i've noticed you added one Happywide
Just noticed too, you should tell it when you're posting some new ones Wink
- MysteryCube.
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