my first duel/ffa map: "baseboards"
Despite its simple design, this map is still one of my favorites I have made.
It has mostly wooden textures, with highlights and trim of shiny metal. Inspiration for this map came from a picture i saw of an old Halo Reach map called "Reflection" (I may return to this style in the future, but for a larger map like ctf or mass-ffa)
This map, like all my others, includes botpaths, so no worries there.
It is fairly large for a duel map, so I can also recommend this for 2v2 games.
Side note: you can easily get on to the roof of the map with just one 'nade hop. I knew this when i was making the map, but perhaps foolishly decided to leave it that way

here's a link:

[Image: tBrGHrj.png]
nice i like the combination of the wood textures.

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