my first ctf map: "anger"
It's high time I start uploading my old maps, some of which are the reason I even got noticed by cH. So here is my very first 100% complete capture the flag map! I know it isn't pretty and has some bad lighting, but it is fully functional in terms of it having team and ffa spawns, weapon spawns, bot paths, and all that sort of stuff.
The layout is symmetrical and there are no team color textures at either end... just all the same grey Tounge
There are 2 central routes (top and bottom) as well as one side route for each side. There are some side rooms off of each flag base, which lead to teleports to the central area. The top route has some decent sniper sightlines, but also some horizontal jumppads used for flagruns and getting close to campers in a jiffy Happywide

here's a google drive link:

[Image: GvtduPL.png]
lol nice, i don't even own my first maps anymore Finna

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